Англи хэл дээр шүлэг /сонсох/The Spare Room by Diana Hendry

2010-01-27 22:47


 The Spare Room by Diana Hendry

It was just the spare room,

The nobody there room

The spooks-in-the-air room

The unbearable spare room



It wasnt the guest room

 The four-poster best room

The designed-to-impress room

The unusable guest room



Ti wasn’t the main room


The homely and plain room

The flop-on-the-bed room

Mum ad Dad’s own room





It wasn’t the blue room


 The sweet Lulla-Loo room

The creep-on-your-feet room

The baby’s a sleep room



It wasn’t the bright room


The clothes-everywhere room

The music-all-night room

Sister’s scattered-about room





It was just the spare room


The nobody-there room

The spooks-in-the-air room